Message from The CEO

The best thing in life is to do whatever makes you happy. This way, you will never be pushed by the desire to earn more but the power of making discoveries. Even so, no reward goes without pay. For the last ten years, we have been working on content writing for individuals and small companies.

Getting proper education is the best thing that happens to everyone, but what do you do after school? How will you use the newly acquired knowledge? Since my graduation in 2010, my journey has been through valleys and mountains. Most of the people go to the university with a lot of hope to secure a blue-collar job after graduation. The irony of this is that the larger world expects the educated to come out and create jobs and employ the less fortunate.

After tarmacking for a couple of years without finding a job, I lost hope of securing a job but started thinking differently- making a living. My friend introduced me to writing, trained me for free, and even introduced me to a client who would offer some jobs. I can’t even tell how we managed, but I would say it was nothing close to the word comfortable. We started with a popular content writing website, wrote some articles here and there.

I still have no idea of how the clients approved our work; it must have taken some miracles. We knew nothing about Grammarly, Copyscape, or anything. We hit it raw. I would write 500 words for three hours, and at times the timer would still catch up with me. Now the most challenging part was to meet the minimum withdrawable amount of $20. It would take me two weeks to hit this threshold, which means $40 per month. Sometimes, I would still exceed the two weeks and withdraw my earnings in the third week. I am always surprised by how I wrote an ebook and got my first $150 within a month; I felt like a rich kid.

Content writing, just like any other job, requires a lot of training to update yourself with the new tricks. Many people looking for work from home gig, are driven by the phrase "earn from the comfort of your seat". They forget that this is a job like any other and requires a lot of sacrifices. I have seen very successful freelancers get through my hands and succeed in writing. However, there is a great bunch of people who couldn’t thrive online since they thought its easy money. Nevertheless, the world is never short of opportunities.

When I decided to do writing on a full-time basis, I settled, bought the best tools of work, seats, computers, and work stations, and so on. Today as we speak, our company boasts of more than ten years of experience and 46 employees and thousands of happy clients. We are always bending our backs to see our customers happy. To us, writing is not just a method of earning a fortune. It opens more chances of discovering yourself and molding others. The world is a global village. We have served and continue to serve a handful of companies, helping them deliver and converting their hope to a goal and finally a reality. Give us a chance to serve you and we will give you a chance to be happy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses to reach their objectives and remain relevant to the search engines.

BlueSEO composes of people who are passionate about content writing and SEO. We started slowly by working with a single client, but we have now grown to a full-blown SEO company delivering services to medium and large companies across the globe. We have exhibited our content experience to the whole world, and we ensure that none of our clients goes dissatisfied.

We understand that freelance requires commitment and trust, and that’s why our staff go through a series of training before joining our team. Freelancing makes us happy; it’s self-fulfilling. You can describe us as SEO writers, content managers, Business consultants, Professional writers, or freelancers. We are tech-savvy, and hence we update our skills frequently to keep up with any new trends.

We want to get to the next level, but it can’t happen without you. As we continue to sharpen our skills even further, we hope that we shall help you achieve your organizational goals. We believe in consultation and teamwork in all our engagements. Our team is on the steering wheel, ready to drive your goal to the next level. Let’s do this together. Let’s triumph.

Our team

Our team is composed of content writers, editors, web designers, Graphic Designers, SEO analysts among others. We are a team of experts set to keep our promise. Whatever you need, create order and let us give you a quotation 


We will try as much as possible to work within your timeline. We encourage our clients to give very clear instructions when placing the order, to avoid ambiguity. We always to respond immediately after receiving your order.

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