5 best paid SEO tools that can help you boost your website rank

Having your page on the first page of the search engines can take you sleepless nights. However, with the best-paid SEO tools, you can improve your site’s SEO with ease.  There is no more striking thing in any online activity. Elon Musk once said that the safest place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search results. This is true. You will agree with me, whenever you search for something on Google, you will find it on page one or consider it unavailable. Just like in normal business, when a new shopping center opens, people scramble to get the first stores, and you will similarly find that the front shops attract higher payments in terms of rent or Mortgage. I am sure most of the Google users don’t even know that there exist other pages in Google. They already got used to finding their search results on the front page of Google.

SEO is, equally a no easy game. It requires a lot of experience to help a website to rank on the top page. However, doing this manually may render your efforts futile. The best way to help a page rank is by using SEO tools. There are various tools that you can use to boost the ranking of your website. Let’s take a sneak peek on the best.

Best Search Engine Optimization software

Your site may look attractive to the viewers, congratulations. However, how does it appear to the search engines? Whenever a customer searches for a product, let’s say a photographer is searching for the Epson L850 printer, Google spiders will crawl all the websites that contain this keyword. The keyword here is (Epson L850). You will find out that there are 1.6 million websites ranking for this particular keyword. It has taken Google, 0.46 seconds to crawl all the websites and pull this data. Ranking on the top page amid all these websites is not easy.

This is a screenshot of Epson L850 search result

Having your business on the web is one thing, but having it visible To the right customers is an entirely different thing that requires sacrifice and research. SEO may sound a hard game, it’s not easy either, but it is not impossible. Whatever you want to do with your site, SEO is a critical topic.

Search game

Let’s go back to Epson L850, to help this product rise on top of the search engine; you need to use keywords. Determining the right keywords for this product requires some knowledge. But there are some tools available for use, both free and premium. Talking of keywords here does not mean inserting the keyword in every paragraph or every other sentence. When you search for specific keywords, the Google Spiders crawl the entire web and come back with results within seconds. That sounds magical.

If your website is not using keywords relevant to its purpose, then the spiders will miss the targeted search. In this case, you will find that the first three domains that rank for this specific keyword are from the manufacturing company (Epson). Nairobi Computer Shop ranks in the fourth position followed by Shop it


Making your content, GOOGLE SMART does not mean making them difficult for human understanding. Even though we are trying to get your page ranking, remember we are also targeting humans. If your content is not appealing to the reader, nobody will find a reason to stay on your page for a minute. If people visit the first page of your site and then disappear, this means they are not getting anything worth their time,. This is a negative impact as it will increase the bounce rate. Driving traffic to your website will be fruitless unless the readers can stick to your website and make purchases.

Page Titles

Web pages need to have unique titles to remain relevant to the search engines. For example, in a Woocommerce site that deals with electronics, you may have a page for printers and another page for computers. The page titles must have the right words that reflect what your page is talking about. This, not only goes in line with the web guidelines but also helps the users to navigate through the site with ease. You must ensure that the pages carry the right tags to remain topic relevant

But how can you know the right keywords to target? How will your website filter the customers from the incoming traffic? And how can you increase your website’s ability to capture the targeted traffic? This may be very difficult if you don’t have the right tools. The following is a list of tools that will help you achieve your goals

List of the best SEO tools


In the first position of our paid SEO tools is the Ahrefs You would wonder why I stated with ahrefs. The answer is straightforward; this is the tool I have long been using in my SEO game. Ahref is a great tool; even for beginners, you need not be a pro to have your website ranking high. First, it helps you analyze your site and that of your top competitors, you can also check the top-ranking keywords in your target niche and see the most competitive keywords that can help your website to rank. You can also do a keyword gap analysis to see the top ranking keywords on your competitors’ website and use them on your site. This tool is fantastic; it comes with a lot of useful features; there is no reason why your site should not rank on the first page of Google.

Google Search Console


This is an image of Google Search Console banner

The search Console is always the best place for startups. First, you don’t have to be tech mogul to understand how it works. Whatever the size of your website, the search Console will work for you. It contains various, tools, that help you see how the search engine views your site. The search console gives you essential information on your site and the necessary improvements necessary. Also, it highlights the problems facing your website so that you can work on the required improvements. Information such as spammy links helps you ensure your site remains friendly to the search engines.

Such information helps you identify and report issues to Google to keep such spammers away. They also help you remain in line with the Google policies and keep your site visible. Also, this helps easy site indexing by Google

SEMrush SEO toolkit

SEMrush makes SEO easy for you by giving you easy access to advanced paid SEO tools. The tool allows you to analyze your competitors’ metrics and rank for the right keywords. From the dashboard, you can access a detailed keyword analysis. In case you have multiple domains, you can also manage them via SEMrush. More so, you can compare various pages to see how they are performing. You can also track backlinks to determine which websites link to your site.

Through traffic analytics, you will be able to identify your competitors’ primary sources of traffic and develop a counter-strategy. You will be able to see the list of websites referring to your site too. You can also easily monitor the session durations, bounce rates, and so on between your site and those of your top competitors. Through this tool, you can also do an analysis of some quality keywords that your competitors are ranking for as well as your domain’s performance on those keywords. SEMrush costs 99.95 for a pro subscription.

SEO Spider

The SEO Spider was founded about a decade ago. One distinction of this tool is the ability to scan your site and identify any broken links. You no longer need to check for broken pages manually. With this tool, you can check out for pages with duplicated meta tags, missing title tags, long or short tags, and so on. You can also view the number of links on each page. You can access a limited version of this tool, but if you want a fully functional spider, you can subscribe to the pro version. The free version only supports basic features. The premium version costs an annual fee of $180 and comes with advanced features and tech support.

Majestic SEO Tools

Majestic SEO is yet another ideal tool for SEO experts. It began in 2011 and is still popular among many SEO pros. This tool mainly focuses on backlinks. Backlinks have a significant influence on SEO. The tool can retrieve your site’s historical index within a short time. It can also provide you with a fresh index. This package comes with a site explorer, backlink checker, referring domains record among other goodies,

Moz Pro

Another tool in our list of paid SEO tools is the Moz Pro whose focus is to increase your rankings, traffic, and visibility on various search engines. This site enables you to audit your website. Essential tools include the ability to audit your site using the Moz Pro spider, highlighting potential issues, and recommend actionable insights. Moz allows you to track your site rankings over thousands of keywords.

This is an image moz pro banner

Also, it features a keyword research tool through which you can determine the best keyword combinations that you may target. Besides, it comes with a backlink analysis tool that uses various metrics such as anchor texts as well as domain authority.

The packages start from $99 per month for the Standard plan, which comes with all the essential tools. The medium program charges $149 per month and comes with advanced features. There is also a free trial to get you started. All the plans attract a 20% discount if you subscribe to the annual pack.


There are millions of websites on the web. Therefore, having your website on the first page of the search engine is not easy. SEO is a topic you cannot avoid if your online presence matters to you. However, if you have the right tools, you can still get a good position that will help your website rise. Use this article to decide on the best-paid SEO tools that will boost the ranking of your website.

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